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Welcome to SEGGS PARTY

SEGGS Positive Party
Next event: SEGGS at 28th September


We are your SEGGS positive and cosy SEGGS PARTY in the Netherlands. We listened to your desires and we combine erotic playground with the best house/tech music to warm things up. Spice your visit in on of the other rooms. Enjoy the best of both worlds, enjoy the food and let your deepest desire come true.

★ Saturday 28th September, 2024
★ 16:00h till 22:30h (door closes at 20.00h)
★ Seggs everywhere, anywhere
★ Share all SEGGS feelings
★ Ticket sale starts June 7th 2024, 23.00h (+/- €14 / €17 / €21)
★ SEGGS (Dutch) @Spuiten & Slikken

═══ FYI
★ No request-only event
★ Location will be shared on RSVP
★ Attendees will be shared on RSVP


SEGGS is everywhere, and we are thrilled to introduce SEGGS to those who are already known to erotic dance events, but also for those who never visited this kind of erotic dance events. Joining SEGGS events is more than just having SEGGS, it`s a style of outreach to let people know that you are who you are. We come together, but you are and can do whatever it takes to be yourself, surrounded by likeminded people.

SEGGS is more than just an erotic party, it is a way of life; Feeling free, without any kind of bad feelings, just being your best self. SEGGS is like coming home. We are welcoming all. No strings attached.


For this edition of SEGGS, we are inviting you to city of Amsterdam. Within about a 5 minutes walking distance of Amsterdam Central Station, in a cozy and high-end club, this location has been well-known for the last 20 years to host great SEGGS positive party`s in a safe-space.


★ Dance Area: let’s start and get warm for the party
★ Chill Area: above all, feel free to get some rest or do other things on the beds
★ Maze Area: hide yourself, or do you want to play a game
★ Cabin Area: just lay down, chill and let’s have some fun
★ Wet Area: make your wildest dreams come true
★ Bar Area: find your (g)spot and cooldown


Our DJ`s are aware of what SEGGS is. Expect the best music on the dancefloor for having a hot hot experience. Our DJ`s are well known in the scene, so they know what music you love to have on the dancefloor. Feel free to take off your clothes if you haven’t already.


You have the opportunity to change inside of the venue. Street clothing is NOT ALLOWED. You have to wear something else. Some basic advice would be to wear something along the lines of: naked, lingerie, rubber, leather, PVC, latex, plastic, cross-dress, fetish-glam, medical, fetish-goth, body art, incognito mask, bondage, TV girls, drag, original uniform and so on.

At the location, you can take off (yeah, take it off!) your clothes and dress for the party.
★ The dress code is checked by our door-bitches; they are very strict, so please take some extra clothing with you. Respect the dress code, no refunds if dress code is not allowed.
★ No (telephone) cameras allowed, if found = immediate seizure.
★ Jacket/bag: some place is reserved for you. Full is Full.

═══ FOOD

If you visited SEGGS before. You know. But if you never visit our party, please know that we will arrange snacks, many many snacks, at about 19h. Enjoy the food. Enjoy and take whatever you need. We arrange snacks for meat lovers as well for vegan`s.


Read about SEGGS at ‘Spuiten & Slikken‘ (dutch only)


Ticketsale will start the 7th of June 2024.
Go to our ticketshop.


We aim for safe SEGGS at our events. Please get your desired needs at the bar. These are included within the ticket fee.

★ Wardrobe
★ Hot snacks
★ Condoms
★ Lubricant
★ Disinfectant
★ Soap (toilets)

We advise you to bring your own towel(s), toys and personal needs (for example vegan condoms).


At SEGGS you can be free as you want. But we have some basic rules about alcohol and drug usage. Any kind of excessive alcohol usage is not allowed. Please be aware of your alcohol usage. Using drugs is not allowed, besides poppers, which you can buy at the venue itself. If we see any other drug usage, we will friendly suggest that person to leave.


In the venue, you will find our rules of conduct, regulations as well as the Safe Word for the party. Please use the safe word only in case of emergencies. Beside, there are SEGGS crew people and DM`s, that will follow the party. They are visible with badges. If you have any questions, please ask them. And beside all of this, please ask and tell other visitors if you do not feel safe or if you see anything that you think it is not okay. Please do not hesitate to tell or ask, if you think something that you are seeing is not okay. Feel free to share. Be safe for yourself and for each other.

═══ Q&A

We hope to gave you all the information that you need. But please do not hesitate to ask any question on our account.